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Ultra Zeolite Minerals  by Dr. Donhoeffner GmbH 

What it is: 

Our product is a purely natural, vulcanic stone mineral, mined in Austria without harmful effects on the environment.Ultra Zeolite Minerals by Dr. Donhoeffner GmbH is extremely finely ground, creating nano size particles in the process.


What it does:

When ingested the tube-like cage structures with a large surface allows toxins and heavy metal molecules to get trapped inside these bio-cages while actively releasing magnesium and potassium ions, which in turn balance the ph levels of the body. Silica, iron, manganese, also called the 'beauty minerals', and other traceminerals vital for every neurological function are released into the body throughout the process. 


Our zeolites are an intelligent biological system that balances the ph of human, animal and plant kingdom. They are active ions exchangers, while entrapping environmental toxins and moving them out of the body within 24 hrs. A strong increase in stamina may occur as the body is less taxed with environmental or chemical toxins. 


Disclaimer: Our product comes straight from mother nature, small variations in coloring and minerals are natural and to be expected. It is not a pharmaceutical product, it is an organic, natural product straight from nature. It does not cure disease. Please consult your doctor before any use. 


Recommended use:

1 tsp per glass of spring water drink twice a day for 2-3 weeks. 

Never intake zeolithes when ingesting medication as it may lessen their potency. 

Zeolithes can cause a strong detox effect, if that occures stop the use immediately and drink more water than usual. 


The product can also be used as a facial mask, as a detoxifying bath powder, a footsoak and for brushing your teeth. You can ad it to your plant water for better growth of the plants and ad it in pet food. 


  • deep detox of heavy metals


  • cellular regeneration


  • carbon detox


Ultra Zeolite Minerals by Dr. Donhoeffner GmbH 
Finely ground powder 350g
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